Telling a good story is hard work, and neither 360 video nor VR make it any easier. However, done the right way, it can be magical. Does a high-end TV and surround sound system make your movie experience better? Most likely.    

But will it make the story better? Unlikely.

The best stories I know lack 8K 3D and binaural sound. They had no script and no well-paid producers. They were told by strangers, friends and family around dinner tables, campfires, and between hostel bunk beds.


Studying VR, AR & 360 in Stockholm, Sweden.

I love to create and tell stories.
I see with curious eyes how new technologies give us new stories to tell, and enable us to redefine old ones.
I have experience as a chef in several top restaurants in Sweden. There I learned to be a team player, work under high pressure, and solve problems with creativity.

I´m currently doing my internship at IVAR Stockholm


is my soon-to-be (at the moment non-existent) Production Studio. We’re going to be all about Storytelling, Atmosphere, and Curiosity.



Together with IVAR Stockholm, I’m currently working on several interesting productions. Details to be revealed later this spring. Let’s keep in touch!